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Is Restoration Worthwhile?

Titchfield Body Shop is a specialist in the fields of classic car repair, classic car restoration and classic car respray services. While we are always here to help those who own newer cars with crash repairs and car body repairs, it is our work on classic models which have earned us a widespread reputation in Hampshire and, indeed, with classic car owners nationwide.

Located in Fareham, we have 50+ years of combined experience and can work on any make or model of classic.

If you own a vintage vehicle yourself, or just have a passing interest, you may well have wondered if the levels of investment needed to have classic car repairs and classic car restorations undertaken is a worthwhile investment in terms of time and money. While the tradition and heritage of driving a restored classic will undoubtedly turn heads, some enthusiasts argue that these models are sometimes better left untouched.

This page gives our prospective customers from Fareham, and those in the surrounding areas, a few things to consider.

Key Questions on Classic Car Resprays and Restorations

There are fewer concerns when it comes to modern crash repairs and car body repairs because most new vehicle owners will want to keep their models in showroom condition. With vintage repairs and restorations, and with classic car resprays, there are a few things an owner might want to factor in before making the final decision to visit us, or to use our services.

Show and Display Purposes

Classic car owners in Fareham buy their models for a variety of reasons. Some will remember their classic from their childhood. Others may have owned something similar in the past and want to indulge in their sentiments. For a few, the lure of a classic car is the opportunity to enter it into shows and competitions, or to put it on display for others to enjoy.

Clubs will recommend that you keep your car’s true colour and style. This doesn’t mean that a classic car repair or classic car restoration project should be avoided, but you should keep the model in as close to original condition as possible.

A partial classic car respray might be the answer if only one or two of the original panels need restoring.

Original Restoration

Our experience in crash repairs and car body repairs is a very important consideration because, when we paint your classic, we do so by using today’s latest materials and techniques. A classic car respray is an option if the chassis and panels are in good condition and you stick with the original colour. Just keep in mind that some older models on the market are in a state of poor repair and will require much more work.

Rust and dents will need more than just a lick of paint.

We advise that owners in the Fareham area consider how much work, time and money goes into classic car repair and classic car restoration work. Sanding the paint down to bare metal and removing old filler is major work so, unless you think the financial or emotional investment is worthwhile, it might be worth having just the obvious repairs completed.

Changing the Colour

With a classic car respray, there’s a temptation to change the colour completely. After all, the car is going to be totally refinished anyway so why not plump for a shade that will bring a classic closer to the modern age? Our advice is that the rarer your classic model is, the more important it is to keep it in its original colour. Changing to a different colour or shade can and will have an impact on resale value.

Visitors to our workshop in Fareham never need to worry about us keeping to the original colour. As part of our classic car repair and classic car restoration services, we can use a spectrophotometer to match up with the original paintwork.

We can also match up with a colour code, if there is one available, when the paint is still in original condition.

Overall Cost

Crash repairs and car body repairs cost money. This somewhat obvious fact is accentuated when it comes to classic car resprays and renovations.

Professional workmanship comes at a premium price and, even on high-value classics, the margin between making or losing money on your investment will be thin. We think it’s best to look at repair and restoration work as an extension to your passion, not to your pocket.

It is very unlikely that you will make consistent profits if your plan is to restore and flip classic cars.

A classic car renovation is a nut-and-bolt project that can take several months to complete. Some owners in Fareham will benefit more from classic car repair work to the panels that really need it, and then to have the paintwork cut and polished professionally to get the best value from the job.

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