Classic Car Respray in Havant |  
Paint Colours and the Restoration Process

Because Titchfield Body Shop combines modern car body repairs and crash repairs with classic car repair and classic car restoration work, it’s understandable that there might be a few crossovers between each of these services. When it comes to classic car resprays, the line becomes even more blurred. It wouldn’t be prudent for us, or beneficial for your vintage model, to use anything but the best materials and systems.

Our workshop in Fareham offers a full or partial classic car refinishing service to owners in the nearby Havant area.

The colour you choose as part of a classic car repair or a classic car restoration project is important. The keenest enthusiasts know that with high-value classics or show cars, it is important to keep the model in its original colour. In doing so, it keeps the car’s tradition and heritage intact.

We can identify the original colour in two different ways:

Colour Code

With car body repairs and crash repairs on new models, we take a manufacturer code from the vehicle, usually found under the bonnet, in the boot area or in the door shuts, and cross reference the code on computer to find the correct shade.

Unfortunately, unless we can see that the paintwork is still original, we can’t do this with partial classic car resprays.


When a code is unavailable, which is often the case if a model from one of our Havant customers has undergone a classic car restoration already, we can use a spectrophotometer to take a digital reading of the colour that’s currently on the model.

If a classic hasn’t been restored to its original colour, we can easily address this. We can also use a spectrophotometer to match colours after partial classic car repair work.

Because we only use modern systems borne from the world of modern car body repairs and crash repairs, your classic car respray will be performed using Aquamax Maxmeyer paint. This is a premium water-based colour protected by a resilient clearcoat that withstands the rigours of frequent classic car use in the Havant area, travelling to shows and events, and the prospect of weathering from exposure to ultraviolet light.

We can also perform classic car restorations which are related to paintwork by cutting and polishing the current finish if the overall condition of the vehicle is sufficient.

All classic car repairs are undertaken in an environment with dust extraction and a body alignment system. Our paint shop has a low-bake oven where we perform classic car resprays in strict temperature-controlled conditions. The oven also stops the spread of harmful VOC emissions into the atmosphere, an important factor for owners in Havant who want to play their own part in protecting the global environment.

As we do with car body repairs and crash repairs, all work on classic models undergoes a stringent quality inspection.

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